Add value to your print & cut labels by using our Convex 3D Doming system!

What is Doming?

Doming means the application of a clear polyurethane resin on a two-dimensional surface. The result is a threedimensional, crystal clear lens that enhances the look and feel of your products. Doming has many applications in various market sectors, such as product identification, promotional products, gifts, point of sale and signage. Domed labels are also used on automobiles, air conditioners, safes and heavy equipment where impressive decals are required. Brand names and trade marks take on a powerful visual impact.

For especiall impressive results, we recommend to use for doming out JETREX Speciality Digital Print Media. The using of CONVEX doming with JETREX silver and gloss films or JETREX holographic films will add value to your product.