Railways Division

Land of XF5 Special

X-film GmbH is an international supplier of self-adhesive films for the complete wrapping of railway vehicles of private and public railway companies in Germany and abroad.

Basis is our self developed film XF5 Special for complete wrapping of railway vehicles of private, public, local and intercity traffic.

The developement of this special innovation is based on our experience of more than 50 years of continuous and strategic enhancements, production and sales of products for the branches signage, graphic design and labeling.

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Strategic development, production and sales of self-adhesive films for Railways Division

Transport companies have a high requirement on surface quality and aestetics of their vehicles, to guarantee an inviting atmosphere to their passengers in interieur as well as exterieur.

But all transport companies already have made bad experience because of befouled trains and waggons by Graffiti.

Accordingly a complete exterieur work and paint took place in regular cycle of 4-6 years, resulting in a very high effort of personnel, logistics and material.

Currently a two-layer structure (primer filler, top coat) is performed because of the high requirement on surface quality. Additionally, preparatory measures e.g. basic cleaning, mask of windows and not painted parts, generated a high share of personnel costs, that amounts approx. 80 % of total costs.

Cost reduction & Quality

With the use of the self-adhesive film XF5 Special, we meet all requirements of transportation companies regarding cost reduction and quality.

With realization of complete wrapping of railway vehicles, the cost reduction results in approx. 40-50 % compared to complete painting, also because segments that were befouled with graffiti can be replaced easily and cost-effective.

Additionally, all requirements regarding surface quality and aesthetics are met.

Self-adhesive films for transport advertising

Furthermore, the self-adhesive films are in use as transportation advertising and marketing with temporally campaigns, decorations and special series. By the use of high-quality and removeable adhesives, the films can be removed and replaced by new films easily.