Opaque matt, monomeric exhibition quality

Our XF5 films are particularly popular with exhibition builders. Thanks to the thickness of 100μm, they are easy to grip and easy to process. The solvent-free and pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive develops excellent adhesive strengths of up to 7 N / 25mm on almost all flat substrates and can be removed without residue after use. With professional processing, we can guarantee durability of up to 5 years outdoors! In ideal indoor conditions, our XF5 self-adhesive films last even many times longer. Of course, our XF5 films are certified according to B1 (DIN 4102) and flame-retardant, which our customers in trade fair construction appreciate very much. In addition to classic trade fair construction, our self-adhesive films are also used as plotter films for decorative advertising or wall tattoos. The high color coverage and the large color selection are further advantages of our XF5 self-adhesive films.

Product Features XF5
Caliper (face film) 100μm (4 mil)
Face film Opaque-matt, monomeric vinyl film (calendered)
Adhesive Removable clear, solvent-free pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive
Adhesive strength ≥ 7N/25mm, acc. to FINAT/FTM1 (24h)
Release liner 120 gsm 2-sided PE-sealed special silicone paper with green-squared print for easy processing and positioning
Outdoor durability Up to 5 years
Application temperature min. +10°C (+50°F)
Suitable substrates Flat and smooth surfaces; substrates like (painted) steel, glass, paint, acrylic, aluminium, wall paper (sufficient drying time, min. 2 weeks!)
Applications • Exhibition displays / signs
• Decorative film for various indoor and outdoor applications
• Decorative signs, panels & logos
• Interior design (including wall art/wall tattoos)
Special features • Excellent coverage
• Wide variety of colours
• Premium matt finish (inhibits undesired reflection)
• Removable acrylic adhesive for easy removability of the film
• Non-flammable acc. to DIN 4102 B1