Finish products self-adhesive – with MONTEX DX 1 double-sided adhesive mounting film

Your customers are looking for:

A way to improve and finish

  • photos
  • pictures
  • prints
  • LFP graphics
  • cards
  • plans
  • posters
  • and other non-adhesive materials

into self-adhesive and high-quality products?

We offer:

Double-sided adhesive films with a permanent polyacrylate adhesive, which meet high demands and requirements.

Mounting film MONTEX DX1

Due to the delayed initial adhesion, the self-adhesive product can be repositioned. Furthermore, squares support you for cuttings on measure and the simple processing and positioning.

The MONTEX DX1 is a 70µm, double-sided adhesive, transparent, soft PVC mounting film with a permanent polyacrylat adhesive and delayed initial adhesion. 

After 20 min the adhesive strength is ≥ 5N/25mm.

After 24 h the adhesive strength is already ≥ 10N/25mm.

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