­ Masking film for high-quality and cost-effective painting of bicycles, vehicles and metallic surfaces

Silmask 80


  • High quality masking film for metallic surfaces
  • Ensures sharp contours
  • Varnish does not flow under the film
  • Special adhesive with good adhesion
  • High flexible PVC, that adapts perfectly to the surface
  • Tear-resistant PVC
  • Removable in one piece without residue
  • Suitable for multi-coating
  • Guarantees fast, perfect and cost-effective processes

Product description

Silmask 80 is a 80mµ polymeric PVC masking Film for smooth surfaces and a removable polyacrylat adhesive. The Silmask 80 is especially used for a wide variety of painting, spraying and (painting) varnishing jobs, especially on smooth surfaces such as

  • Bicycles
  • Vehicles
  • Metalic surfaces

This masking film has excellent plotter properties and is characterized by good adhesion to smooth surfaces. High transparency and elasticity of the film. Solvent resistance and excellent removability are outstanding properties.

Technical details

  • Film: polymeric PVC
  • Thickness: 80µm
  • Adhesive: Polyacrylat
  • Adhesive features: removable without residue
  • Backing: 2-sided PE sealed paper