Fespa 2017 – “Thank you for the numerous visits and interesting conversations”

Dear customers, dear interested persons,

in advance we extend a special thanks to our numerous national and international customers and interested persons, who visited us on our booth at the Fespa 2017 in Hamburg. We were very please regarding the big rush and interest respect our new and innovative products and self-adhesive films.

The event can be considered as a great success. The new products and self-adhesive films formed a basis for extensive exchange of information and experience.

Noteworthy is the big rush respect our self-adhesive film XF5 Special for complete wrapping of trains and railway vehicles. We were delighted with the great response and dynamic exchange of information and practical experiences regarding our innovative self-adhesive film.

IMG_0020 (2)

You will find further information regarding our self-adhesive film XF5 Special on our homepage via http://x-film.de/en/produktkatalog-railways-division/

Do you need further information regarding this product e.g. technical data sheets, long-term test and prices? Just give us a call or mail. We will look forward to provide you with these data.

Furthermore, we were happy to see plenty of people and requests respect our new products in segment Office-Line and Organisation. A huge amount of request applied our products Blackboard Film magnetic, Blackboard Film in different colours, Ferrofilm Digital printable and Whiteboard magnetic.


We look forward to provide you with samples, technical data sheets and prices as well.Just give us a call. We will support you in short-terms. You will find our contact data and contact form on our homepage http://x-film.de/

The high amount of requests and interesting conversations regarding our self-adhesive film Fluorecente, Carbonfolie, Jetrex Void Silver, Luminecente and double-sided adhesive film DX3 removable/permanent and the Convex Doming machine Rapidome 600 completed the absolute successful event.

We say „Thank you“ to the numerous visitors from all over the world and the interesting conversations. We are looking forward to present you further innovations and news on the Fespa 2018 in Berlin.

Did we spark your interest? Find out more about the possibilities X-film GmbH offers to you.

You can find more information respect our self-adhesive films and products on our homepage http://x-film.de/

If you have further questions and suggestions please don`t hesitate to contact us. You reach us via phone +49 2266 47785 0 and via mail sales@x-film.de

Your X-film Team


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