XF5 Special – self-adhesive vinyl and anti-graffiti lamination for complete covering of railway vehicles

Strategic development, production and sales of self-adhesive films for Railways Division

Transport companies have a high requirement on surface quality and aestetics of their vehicles, to guarantee an inviting atmosphere to their passengers in interieur as well as exterieur.
But all transport companies already have made bad experience because of befouled trains and waggons by Graffiti.
Accordingly a complete exterieur work and paint takes place in regular cycle of 4 – 6 years, resulting in a very high effort of personnel, logistics and material.
Currently a two-layer structure (primer filler, top coat) is performed because of the high requirement on surface quality. Additionally, preparatory measures e. g. basic cleaning, mask of windows and not painted parts, generated a high share of personnel costs, that amounts approx. 80 % of total costs.

Conceptual formulation by transportation companies

Respect these high costs and efforts we work close with transportation companies globaly, and agree on a conceptual formation that contents following headlines:

  • Reduction of costs for complete exterieur work
  • Reduction of costs for interieur work
  • High requirement on surface quality and aestetics
  • Net saving of time by complete wrapping compared to complete painting
  • Possibilty to replace segments easily and cost-effective
  • Possibility to use the self-adhesive films for transportation advertising and marketing

Cost reduction and fulfillment of high quality requirements

With the use of the self-adhesive film XF5 Special, we meet all requirements of transportation companies regarding cost reduction and quality.

  • Huge variety of colors and print patterns such as: wood, steel or leather. This pattern are printed on the film with HP Latex technology and then protected with our Antigraffiti coating.
  • It is much easier to apply and eventually remove XF5 Special instead of paint a wagon. To apply XF5 Special on a complete train you need two people for approximately 10 hours
  • This application is absolutely cost effective in terms of raw material and working time. The needed time to apply XF5 Special is 50% less than the time needed to paint. Moreover you will not need a specific environment to apply XF5 Special on a train! A well illuminated room at not less than 16° C will be enough!! On the contrary if you want to paint you need a very specific room and last but not least do not forget the environment, we think green!
  • Durability. XF5 Special has a guarantee of 72 Months (6 years!!!) in this period you will not appreciate any change in colors or dimensions, not even comparable with a paint!
  • Graffiti protection. Xf5 Special is easily washable by means of standard Graffiti Removers.
  • Maintenance: if you need you can easy substitute the old color with a new one everywhere you want
  • Collision protection: XF5 Special laminated for Exterieur has a total thickness of 179 micron, perfect to protect a train against small stones collisions. XF5 Special laminated for Interieur has a total thickness of 250 micron, ideal to protect against luggage.


Specifically designed and engineered for total wrapping of rail vehicles, XF5 Special is a polymeric film that has been tested under many different standards:

Mechanical Test:

  • ASTM D645/D645M-97
  • UNI EN ISO 527-3:1997
  • UNI 891:1986
  • ASTM D1044-13
  • ASTM D903-98 (2010)
  • UNI EN ISO 175:2010
  • UNI EN ISO 4892-1:2016
  • UNI 8941-2:1987

Fire Test Certifications:

  • UNI CEI 11170 Classified as F1
  • UNI 8457, UNI 9174 and UNI 9176 Classified as 1 B
  • DIN 4102 Classified as B1

Self-adhesive films for transport advertising

Furthermore, the self-adhesive films are in use as transportation advertising and marketing with temporally campaigns, decorations and special series, that result in an additional source of income for transportation companies. By the use of high-quality adhesives, the films can be removed and replaced by new films easily.

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