MONTEX DX2 “High Tack”​ for Industrial Applications

MONTEX DX2 is a 70µm, double-sided adhesive, transparent, PVC Mounting film with a permanent “High Tack“ polyacrylat adhesive and improved adhesive strength. After 20 min the adhesive strength is ≥ 10N/25mm. After 24 h the adhesive strenght is already ≥ 22N/25mm.

Especially for application, which request the „High Tack“, this modified mounting film achieves excellent results, e.g. the self-adhesive finishing of products like
  • Signs on walls
  • Signs on maschines
  • Textiles
  • Pictures
  • LFP graphics
  • cartons

Squares support you by cuttings on measure and the simple processing and positioning

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