Mounting film MONTEX DX4 Ultra Clear


Dear customer, dear interested person,

within the last years our double-sided adhesive Mounting films MONTEX DX1, MONTEX DX2 and MONTEX DX3 evolved into top sellers in the product range of X-film GmbH.

Today we would like to introduce our latest innovative double-sided adhesive Mounting film MONTEX DX4 Ultra Clear.

MONTEX DX4 Ultra Clear is a 12µm, double-sided adhesive, ultra clear, Polyester Mounting film with a permanent polyacrylat adhesive. Both sides of the adhesive are protected with clear polyester release liners. After 20 min the adhesive strength is ≥ 5N/25mm. After 24 h the adhesive strength is already ≥ 10N/25mm. Due to the delayed initial adhesion, the self-adhesive finished product is repositionalble.

This innovative material was developed for glass / acrylic glass combinations as mountings on glas like

  • Photographs
  • Prints
  • LFP graphics
  • Posters
  • Transparencies


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